Lumber and Log Home Producers

Joseph's Juniper Inc., Contact: Gerard Joseph LaBrecque, Burns, OR (541) 573-1237; Voice mail (503) 931-6287. Bandsaw-sawn lumber, juniper beams (6x6x8 and 5x5x8 organic juniper cants, posts and poles, round stock fencing). Air- and kiln-dried lumber including 2x6x8 decking. Jacket wood, firewood, live- edged juniper slabs any thickness. Custom milling, cut to order.

Juniper Guy, Mitchell, OR (541) 462-3232. Raw juniper wood for furniture makers and hobbyists.

In the Sticks: Sawmill Kiln Warehouse (541) 620-2220, Kendall Derby, "Artisan Sawyer" with kiln-dried juniper lumber in the warehouse. Portable sawmilling, custom kiln drying, and solid experience at

C&R Forest Products, Contact: Sean Wertz, Santa Rosa, CA (707) 545-4412; "NewAg" juniper vineyard posts.

Steve Basey, Burns, OR (541) 573-3242. Green or air-dried landscape timbers, fence posts, and special orders.

Exclusive Timber Inc., Bend, OR (541) 201-2242. Juniper logs, columns, and mantels.

Juniper Log Homes, Mitchell, OR (541) 462-3020. Log home logs, chips, fence posts, firewood, & porch rails.

Juniper Plus, Inc., Mt. Vernon, OR (541) 932-4455. Interior paneling (also produce lumber), posts & poles. Contact: Mike Kilpatrick.

The Juniper Lumberyard, Juniper Fencing - Rustic and Lumber; Juniper Landscaping and Cabin Cants; Kiln Dried Juniper Lumber - stock and custom Ponderosa Pine and Blue Pine - sawed and dried to custom order up to 20'. Also available -Densified Juniper and Pine - AS HARD AS OAK!- 4/4 x 4" and 6" up to 8' - suitable for flooring and fine furniture. Contact:

Juniper Wood Products, Madras, OR Voice (541) 475-6230. Lumber; also produce paneling and other interior products. Contact:

Line Shack Log Cabin Kits, Prineville, OR (541) 447-1975. Western juniper log cabin kits.

Mac Runnels, Burns OR (541) 573-5030. Custom logging and milling on your property. Air-dried lumber and special orders.

Northwest Forest Industries, Paisley, OR (541) 943-3341. Custom milling, panels, fence material, etc.

Old 7 Inc., Keno, OR (541) 882-5314. Special orders. Contact: Steve Neubert

Oregon Hardwood Company, Roseburg, OR (541) 672-8851. Air- or kiln-dried dimension lumber and special orders.

Oregon Juniper/Woodway, 3841 N. Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR (503) 635-6729. Logging and band milling, 8x8, 6x8, 5x5, 4x6, 2x6, 1x6, at 8'-12' + lengths. Live edge, bark on round post, poles, rails, custom work on request. Mill end firewood packed and wrapped on 1/2 cord pallets. All material available for pickup in Portland. Contact: Andy Shotts.

Roy Peterson, Monument, OR (541) 934-2046. Custom logging and milling on your property using a portable (Mobile Dimension) sawmill.

Storm Carpenter Log Homes, John Day, OR (541) 575-2751. Western juniper full-scribe custom log homes. Contact: Storm Carpenter, 541-620-0878 (cell).

Sustainable Northwest Wood, Portland, OR (503) 239-9663. Juniper slabs, decking and landscape materials. Contact: Ryan Temple.

John Witzel - Available products: Posts - lengths 4'-25', dia. 3"-20"+, taper less than 1" in 10' & up; Sawlogs - lengths to 20', dia. to 24"+, Cants - cut to order, max 16"x16x17', Dimension lumber - cut to order, 17' length max; Custom pieces - beams, pillars, mantles, etc. Contact:

Wood First, Klamath Falls, OR (541) 892-0323. Furniture grade lumber, as well as beams, decking, fence posts, hand railings, etc. Contact: Chris Johnson.

Updated July 23, 2012